October Rundown

A New Look Etsy shop and website, holidays, birthdays, events and more, phew...

October GYGO Monthly Mood Board

Hello fellow Geeks! Victoria here, the techie, photographer and website guru of the new look Gygo Boutique. This month we decided to back to the drawing board and totally revamp our look. Things had gotten kinda quiet and our website and Etsy shop were looking a bit neglected. This is largely due to half of our team relocating to Leipzig, Germany over the summer which is CRAZY!  So things had to get shelved for a bit while we got ourselves organised but now, as you can see, we are back and ready to rock and roll.

October has been a BIG month.

Week One: To begin with I have taken so many new pictures on my new hand-painted backgrounds that just look lush and have pimped up all our Etsy descriptions so now the shop is getting mad views which naturally we're very happy about. 

Week Two: Leren (or Bambi as we call her) and her Mini Me landing in the Bundesrepublik Deutschland to check out the new gaff and we had a jam-packed week of sight-seeing, shopping, exhibitions, shopping, the Berlin Wall and did I mention shopping? Phew! But seriously, Humana in Berlin, Frankfurter Tor has 5 floors of second-hand clothes - that's a day right there!

Week Three: Road Testing

We said goodbye to our guests and started getting our game together for our first fashion market in Germany! I won't lie I was quite apprehensive about this as it was the first time we'd displayed the GYGO brand here and I really wanted it to go well. Also, this would mean I'd have to be speaking German all day when usually I'm safe in a dark room somewhere biding behind a computer screen. Ahhh! But I needn't have worried, the event was really well organised, the ladies of Leipzig were super friendly to us and all in all we had a great day.

Week Four: Back to the Grindstone

This last week, riding high from all the attention we got at the fashion market it was time to keep up the momentum and get our website up-to-date. We gave out loads of our info cards, we've all been hitting up the social media hard and I really wanted everything looking the biz. Lastly we mustn't forget we're celebrating an important birthday the oft unsung hero of GYGO - My Mum, Sharon. She sews, she glues, she irons, she makes awesome tutus and she drives us EVERYWHERE as well as being a Mummy and mentor to us all. Happy Birthday Sharon, we love you!